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Code Identification Systems: Different Methods Adapted by Businesses

Date Added: November 17, 2009 07:45:16 PM
Category: "I": Inspection Equipment & Services

Code identification systems are made in order to regulate access of unauthorized individuals into a certain enterprise. This is very integral in businesses where tons of information are often loaded daily. Such systems are also vital in order for people to have controlled access over machine or equipment operations.

Basically code identification systems rely upon keypads. These components are being utilized in order to render a boundary before users may even enter into a restricted area within the business. But much more than the keypads though, there are other methods for these systems that may be adapted by an enterprise.

The method known as keypad scramblers

Keypad scramblers are modifications of the keypads. These ones operate on a stricter regulation in that they are equipped with scramble functions to help the system reassign key values from time to time. After the values are scrambled, users who need to access the system may look into its window. The window represents the key that is applicable to the number. As for hackers in the system, following the said pattern will not be feasible.

The very popular code identifiers – alarms and timers

The sound alarms or timers are very important to code identification systems.
Alarms operate by means of installing them in the system and ensuring that if the correct code is not immediately entered by the hacker, then a warning signal will be turned on. This will then alert people in the enterprise to check on what's happening while the alarm is buzzing.

As for timers, these components allow the intruder to spend more time inputting the incorrect code. This is beneficial provided he will be caught by other people who actually have access to the system before he even gets his job done.

The method relying on code and card combinations

Most businesses depend on single coded systems inside the enterprise. However, there are those that would rely on various code and card combinations instead. The codes and cards are actually processed through a network. The downside of this method is the fact that due to the number of valid codes, there is a greater tendency that unauthorized persons may access the system.

System maintenance will be the wisest of all methods

The most efficient among all code identification systems is system maintenance. This is vital so that system measures may be checked in such a way that lapses may be detected. An integral part of this method includes periodic changes of codes so that security levels will be met.


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